October has come quickly, and I will be leaving for Berlin tomorrow to begin production for the Future of Money project together with Gabriel, Patrizia and Jay! The creation of the video will be an evolving process – the narrative and flow will unfold as we conduct interviews and brainstorm visions of the future. We’d like to share some of the themes that have manifested over the course of our research, so you can get an idea of the direction we’re heading and stay up to date on our process. Specific questions will be tailored for each interviewee, but here’s a brief sampling of some overarching themes we plan to cover:

  • new forms of peer to peer value exchange
  • radical transparency and the networked self
  • digital nomadism and the challenge of an aging agile generation
  • balance between personal empowerment and collective good
  • hyper-efficient resource management and allocation
  • rising value of virtual goods and currencies
  • contemporary definitions of wealth

Have anything to add? Please post any themes or questions you’d like to see addressed in the film in the comments section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #futureofmoney.

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Thanks to everyone for your donations – we’ve raised almost $2,000 to date!