Contact Conference

I spent the majority of 2011 co-organizing this conference with Douglas Rushkoff, to celebrate the potential of networking to transform commerce, learning, and society. More at the event website


photo: grant potter


Announcing: Contact Summit Oct 20 in NYC
Contact Spotlight Series: How Can We Accelerate Social Innovation & Social Enterprise
Contact Summit: How Can Technology Accelerate Social Evolution?
Contact Update: 1st Round Scholarship Winners
Contact Spotlight Series: Builders of the Next Net
What the Contact Conference Was Really About



Here are some posts and discussions we were having in the meantime:

16+ Projects & Initiatives Building Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Networks
88+ Projects & Standards for Data Ownership, Identity & a Federated Social Web
Why the Online Identity & Data Ownership Debate Matters
Towards a Distributed Internet
10 Projects to Liberate the Web
Occupy Wall Street Catalyzing a Cooperatively Owned Communications Infrastructure?
What is Privacy? a rant about Facebook & the open source movement
Has the Online Privacy Backlash Begun?
Next Net Infrastructure & Roadmap for Municipal Broadband Networks


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