Thanks to everyone who participated and responded to the 4 question survey for the Future of Facebook Project. Below are your results! We’ll be integrating these responses with the ones given by the experts for our final video and written report.

In the ‘other’ category, responses included: personal data ownership, trustworthiness/transparency, boredom/fatigue.

In the ‘other’ category, responses included: data loss breaches, nonstop changes that make it harder to use/illogical user interface, feature bloat, distributed peer-to-peer solutions from the open source community.

In the ‘other’ category, responses included: become an identity management platform, refocus on simplicity and security, give users more control over configuration, stop tracking people, and invest in open data formats for portability and share/support their development. And then there were a few personal favorites that made me laugh:

“Shut down the company, give investors back their money, travel to get some idea of what it means to be an adult human”

“Admit I was a poet.”

“would close up the business and become a monk”

In the ‘other’ category, responses included: a peer to peer vendor like Napster was – connecting everyone but controlling nothing, self-organized social business, personal control of generated content in the cloud with sharing and social and user monetization, information technology that supports people to solve problems they care about, and making it easy for any business to build a customer service interface without any lock-in to a specific host or vendor.