As we’re building out human-centered next-gen profiles for the Collaboratory, we wanted an intimate and creative way for people to get to know each other.

Enter: the Heartsong Project.

(thanks lauren higgins for bringing up the term “heartsong” on our brainstorm call.)

The idea is pretty simple and straightforward:

Record a 1-3 minute video of you describing your heartsong.

What’s a Heartsong?

This is your personal “tune.”

Who are you?

What passion drives your actions?

What makes your heart sing?

Everyone has beautiful visions inside of themselves, and as we bring those to the surface and share them with each other, the likelihood of them becoming real amplifies.

Let’s manifest!

The above is a sample I made this morning. It took me a few hours total. I’m on an iMac. I recorded in photobooth and edited in iMovie.

I also purchased the domain “heartsongproject.cc”

I’d like this to be the 2nd project of Open Foresight.

(Open Foresight is a series of models and methodologies we’re developing for co-creative visions of the future. It combines techniques from futures studies together with design and media production. The first prototype was the Future of Facebook video series. The Heartsong Project is about developing personal foresight – understanding your own deep desires and aims and clarifying them. This is the first step to developing plans of action towards achieving them.)

I don’t have the bandwidth to develop out the website at the moment, but would be happy to do a wireframe or mockup with ideas for anyone who would like to run with it. (we can co-create it in the Collaboratory!)

We’re already creating our Heartsongs and uploading them to youtube.

All content we create for Open Foresight projects is being licensed Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (cc by-SA 3.0), meaning we’re making it available to be reused, remixed, and built upon by others.

Can’t wait to hear your heartsongs!!!