(Photo credit: Vicky Brago-Mitchell www.abm-enterprises.net/wallpaper.html)
Whew, what a month!
2012 is moving forward at a rapid clip, and construction of our new operating system is manifesting before my eyes!
Here’s what I’m seeing happen:

The last few years have been spent building our networks. Getting plugged in, getting connected, and sending out probes to “find our tribes.” We are RAPIDLY finding each other now, and nodes are beginning to form as people cluster around shared intention and define new organizational dynamics of how they’d like to align and join forces.

I’m seeing people “wake up” to the realization that there is a massive amount of value to be unlocked as we shift away from old metrics of “what we value” and into new metrics for wealth and meaning. The new metrics are emergent, but clearly multidimensional and human-centered.

So what’s changed?
The guidance system itself that we’re plugging into is shifting. The externally-oriented system that we previously relied upon was rooted in the masculine-dominated expressions, valuing individual outcomes in a zero-sum game with a “winner take all” mentality focused on short-term rewards. (ie – if i win, you lose).Now, the guidance system is more internally sourced and hard-coded towards a non-zero sum game, where winning means generating more abundance for both the individual and the entire ecosystem. It’s interdependent and synergistically oriented for the collective epic win, while expressing reverence for our individual autonomy, and the uniqueness of what each of us is capable of calling forth into the world.

Here are some of the axies I see in shift:

– from scarcity to abundance
– from finite to infinite value
– from ownership to stewardship
– from transactional to relational
– information hoarding to knowledge creation
– from isolation to cocreation
– from passive consumer to active producer

These shifts are visible in many new forms, and I’m excited to be a part of the evolution. Below is a visual of exciting projects in gestation, new platforms and products under development, and adaptive chaordic organizations in formation — all of which I’m playing in.

I’ll share more specifics about these initiatives soon.
For now, our next steps include:
– establish initial coherence among those who choose to play
– self-select based upon vision, intention, and project interest area
– create an architecture for how people can plug in to each other via a sustained connected framework
– demonstrate collective epic wins 🙂
These steps will enable us to begin prototyping the human protocols for swarm behavior around time-based projects, which we believe is the cutting edge of the future of work.

There are many swarms of similar activity taking place across the planet, with many “BuilderShips” approaching liftoff. As part of humanity’s new OS, we anticipate these nodes will become interconnected, mutually informing, and co-arising.


What other nodes do you see forming?

this post was cocreated by venessa miemis and kirstin ohm