just a mini mindgrape this afternoon…

We’re tired of attending conferences and being talked at, when just about anyone in the audience could themselves be a speaker.

Unconferences are nicer, because we can all self-organize and make the event our own.

But there’s a next stage we’re ready for.

We want something action-oriented, and by this I don’t mean something where we create a plan of action.

It’s more about embodiment.

We want embodied experiences.

We want embodied action.

So much of the talk amongst the innovators and change agents is about how things could be or might be or will be in the future.

Sometimes we forget that all this change hinges on US CHANGING.


We have to embody the language and behaviors of a different culture of people, if we want to see a different culture in society. We have to know, ourselves, through our own direct experience, what the new human OS is all about.

What are the new social agreements? How do we communicate? What are we doing?

There is a growing group of people, let’s call them/us culture hackers, who are living the new protocols and practices that reboot our heads and our hearts, so that change actually manifests on the outside. They’re all over the place, and they have working prototypes. They’re showing how it’s done.

I want to go to gatherings where I can experience that.

I want to learn by doing and being, so that group intelligence, creativity, innovation and passion are ‘unlocked.’

We talk about wanting new living infrastructures (societal, economic, technological, political, environmental, etc) all the time, and there’s plenty of frameworks out there that I’m sure would work just fine.

Well, who are the people using these new systems? What are they like? What is the story of their reality (ie – their mythology)? How do they treat each other? How are their actions reflecting the stories they tell themselves and each other about how the world works?

If we want a new society, let’s learn how to become one. Let’s have events where we can embody the kind of people we really are, deeply, and grow new worlds from that place of truth and authenticity and dare I say, love.

After the days of conferences, where we talked about the future state of things, come the days of events where we come together and just start being the kind of people we want to be surrounded by and then make sh*t happen together.

What shall we call such a thing?