Architectural Renderings of Life Drawn with Pencil and Pen by Rafael Araujo

Architectural Renderings of Life Drawn with Pencil and Pen by Rafael Araujo

you might say our society suffers from a conspiracy of mediocrity.

it conditions us for sameness, instead of supporting the blossoming of individuality.

in principle, it celebrates heroism, creativity, and genius – but in practice, it actively discourages these things, either through subtle disincentivization, or downright punishment.

while it claims to offer structured systems designed as tools to serve us, the unspoken tradeoff is that it captures our sense of inner authority, masterfully externalizing it into itself.

society’s eyes watch us, tell us what to want, what to deem meaningful, how we ‘should’ live, and what we need to do in order to achieve a particular state, or become a particular thing.

how little room this leaves for free thinkers, or for the spontaneity of creativity!

society likes mediocrity.

in fact, it thrives on it. to keep itself running, it requires us to propagate the norm, to follow the well-trodden paths.

but maintenance is different than evolution.

and we did not arrive here to live as machines.

we came to express our true nature, to cultivate our style, to be exquisite.

be yourself. the greatest quest. follow your unique rebellious spirit out into the world.

in mediocrity, we fear believing we are capable of being distinct, or the repercussions that might follow as a result. we capitulate, taking all our cues for how to be from outside ourselves.

but there is no need to be victim to this unfortunate circumstance. the gift of style is self-bestowed.

Like nature, style is given shape by a wild, organic and unpredictable energy.

what does true style look like?

you, at your most natural, your individual uniqueness shining brightly and freely. no hiding or faking.

it’s the creative process itself, expressing itself through you.

the mind will try to control it, tame it, direct it, label it. it will look for repeatability. it will try to create models to neatly structure and package it. it will try to tell you how to do it, how to be. if you listen, you are lost.

be vigilant!

ruthlessly cut away every creeping trap that wants to trick you into imitation. don’t look anywhere outside yourself. even not (or especially not!) to the comfort of your own mind. if it’s simulation, or even emulation, it’s mediocrity.

stop trying to be something and just be! how frustratingly simple.

tuning to the creative source is not a doing so much as an allowing. a letting go, a surrendering to a process that is beyond the control of your mind, yet is somehow the essence of yourself. more you than the you you typically associate with. more you than the roles and identities and stories and shoulds and expectations.

pure, wild, unadulterated. love this expression you are. how could you not? when it comes out of you, you cannot help but be awed and surprised by yourself. the truth of you is vast.

you are incomparable.

there is nothing you ‘should’ do. there is nothing you ‘should’ be. there is no one outside yourself who holds the answer. don’t be fooled into simulating your life instead of living it.


you are exquisite, and the world needs your light.


meditations on the 8th gene key, by richard rudd

quote on style also by richard rudd.

i was first introduced to the phrase “conspiracy of mediocrity” by Yasuhiko Kimura