There is a growing movement towards peer-to-peer value exchange and production, prompted by a variety of things, like economic conditions, shifting cultural values, exploration into collective intelligence, and further enabled by social technologies. I’ve been tracking the online marketplaces that have been cropping up for sharing, swapping, gifting and renting, as well as sites that give people different kinds of opportunity to share skills and knowledge, innovate, and work collaboratively both on and offline. Below are a few sites I’ve come across, please add any I’ve missed.

People-Powered Markets for Gifting / Sharing / Swapping / Renting  / Value Exchange

- Landshare
- SharedEarth

Resource sharing/borrowing/lending

- NeighborGoods
- ecomodo
- Share Some Sugar
- thingloop

Clothing Swap

- The Clothing Exchange
- Swap for Good
- thredUP

People-Powered Marketplaces for Work / Co-Production / Innovation / Value Creation


- The Hub
- Hub Culture
- General Assembly
- coworking/registry


- TechShop
- Hackerspaces
- betahaus

Work Cooperative / Distributed Work

- Dreamfish

Resource Networks / Skill Sharing

- superfluid
- Assetmap
- skilio

Barter Networks

- Bartercard
- OurGoods
- Barter Brokers
- Tradebank
- Nubarter

Idea/Innovation Marketplace

- One Billion Minds
- hypios
- Quirky
- InnoCentive
- Open IDEO
- simpl

What sites have you seen that are offering new ways to exchange or create value?

Upcoming will be a post on People-Powered Capital, exploring platforms for crowdfunding, investment, and lending.