Hi Tim,

I wanted to let you know about a platform/infrastructure I am trying to inspire. This idea has been buzzing for months, but it finally came together in my head. Here’s a quick post about it:

Junto is Born!

The Junto is just the conversation platform, but everything is built upon it. We launched the alpha prototype on Friday night, and without “advertising it”, we had nine of us in there live on video, and about 500 people in the backchannel watching.

People are already writing blog post reviews of it:

Me, We, and Junto

Playing with Junto

I think this could be huge, but there needs to be a way to be certain it remains open source and free and distributed. There needs to be a new infrastructure built to distribute the bandwidth of the video streaming. I don’t really understand the technical aspects of this, but there needs to be some kind of alternative internet structure to run this, but I see it. It starts with a 3D conversation interface, where we interact in a floating space similar to the look of the Virtual Choir, and the only components it needs is a live video stream of the people, data visualization (a la Pivot), a way to record the conversations, and an AI to parse and summarize the conversations so they’re searchable.

All the components already exist, we just have to put them together, and it needs to be a global cooperative effort.

The interface is like a 3D landscape of conversations, with 2 people engaged in dialogue, and an “audience” (backchannel) of people around them listening in or taking turns to speak. The individual in the conversation has a view something like shown below. When the conversation itself is the focus, the 2 video boxes are center stage on screen. When a document or shared whiteboard or concept is the focus, the video boxes shift to the side, and the item of discussion becomes center stage. The entire platform is a concept/idea generation engine.

Personal profiles are generated by the contents of your conversations and the people you’re talking to. There is no ability or need for assertion – you are what you talk about and what you do and who you talk to. Profiles are data visualizations generated by your actions.

There’s more, but we’re talking about a microfinance platform on top and a virtual currency system. This is disruptive.

If you can help me, please contact me.


Venessa Miemis