Tonight I tweeted “i am compelled to make you a mixtape.”

i got a response from @Twilliamson15 suggesting we make this a community sharing event.

Sounds fantastic.

So here’s the deal:

Use your preferred music sharing service (I’ll be using Grooveshark) to make a playlist of music worth sharing.

What’s “worth” mean?

Whatever you think. Something that moves you, inspires you, saddens you, keeps you company during your workout, calms you, energizes you. Bring it.

Post the link to your playlist either in the comments section of this post, or on Twitter with hashtag #mixtape and I’ll pick it up.

We’ll take entries until next Wednesday November 24th, then compile our playlists for your listening pleasure here in time for Thanksgiving the 25th.

Looking forward to hear your favorites!

– v

check out @Twilliamson15 post – “PLN Mixchange”  http://thetechnorateteacher.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/pln-mixchange/