I came across The Human Projecton kickstarter recently, and am very eager to see how it develops. Their mission is to build a global discussion app to ask the really big questions about the future of our species and develop an integrated vision of what that looks like.It seems to be very aligned with my own thinking – that a fresh narrative needs to emerge and a more interconnected “thought architecture” about how we perceive ourselves in relation to each other and the planet. That sentiment and the exploration of how humanity and our technologies are co-evolving have been the driving force behind much of the writing on this blog over the past few years, from my ‘a-ha moment’ about the power of networks, the conceptualization of a tool for intelligent global public discourse, to my current project to develop an ‘Open Foresight’ framework for engaging more people in forward-thinking thought and action.I like that the project founders have announced this as a 40 year project – meaning they’re well aware that making an app doesn’t mean the world is going to change overnight. I’ve found myself frustrated often when I try to even conceive of the idea that any significant portion of humanity could unite around a common vision…. there are so many entrenched ideologies, contexts, agendas, and egos… how could we ever agree?

Might as well get that conversation started now.

I see Us being in the Alignment Phase, and fast approaching the Coordination Phase. As our communication technologies get faster, cheaper, and smaller, more of humanity gets access to each other. As our environments (physical, social, behavioral, psychological) become more quantified, it makes sense to me that we are finding better ways to understand our needs and resources, common goals and aspirations, and then acting with some degree of collective intelligence.

We don’t know what the future holds, but our thoughts and actions now will determine it. I think it’s important to get the dialogue going to discuss the risks and opportunities of a connected global species.

The Human Project has a $50K funding goal in order to be able to build the app for iPad/iPhone/Android + HTML5 optimized versions for web, tablet and mobile. They are less than $9K from that goal, with 12 days to go. If you’d like to back the project, check out their kickstarter page.