As we continue to roll out the Future of Facebook video series, I thought it might be nice to supplement it with a report. So, I’m excited to say I’ve teamed up with John Smart, president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, who is fleshing out a great overview of key trends, issues, and recommendations for Facebook’s future.

Part of the ‘open foresight‘ aspect of this project has been pulling in thoughts and opinions from the public as well as the experts. Though we have a series of questions available to be answered on Quora, we decided to put together a separate short 4 question survey with some of the juiciest questions for you to gnaw on, which will be integrated into the final report.

So, if you have a few minutes to share your thoughts on biggest threats, the “next big thing,” and what you’d do if YOU were at the helm of the Facebook ship – please help us out!

Click here to take the Future of Facebook Survey.

Thank you!