The second installment in the 6 part Future of Facebook video series, a project to explore the impact social networking technologies are having on our lives.

Thanks to interviewees Chris Arkenberg, David Kirkpatrick, Alex Howard, Howard Rheingold, and Valdis Krebs; to all the people who contributed to the kickstarter campaign, and to Innotribe, our corporate patron.



facebook is becoming a critical tool in the global political arena. as we’re seeing with the arab spring and the protests around the middle east, social media makes it easier than ever for people to rapidly communicate what’s happening, to raise awareness, and to organize. as we approach an election year here in the US, we’re seeing facebook increasingly used as a channel to transmit political messages, engage citizens, build campaigns, and spread propaganda.facebook is exerting pressure on governments by acting as an accelerant of communication and an amplifier of social unrest, indignation, and revolution.

what started as a technology for casual socializing is increasingly becoming a catalyst for political action.

while platforms that enable the real-time sharing of information can be a threat to the powers that be…. they also provide those authorities a convenient, centralized tool for monitoring populations

as we move forward into the future, will facebook predominately be used for political empowerment or mass manipulation?