The passage below was posted in our Next Edge community group by R.E.F. Fiskin, and I’m compelled to share it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time of late working on personal alignment, deeply exploring my values and desires for life, what I really care about, and what I want to manifest in the world. As I become more consciously aware, identifying what I want, having the realizations that I have choices, and taking responsibility for that knowledge — I see that life can very much be lived as a form of art. We can each choose to become multidimensional, a unique creative expression, a story of elegance, beauty and grace. The cultivating force is love.



via R.E.F. Fishkin:

It doesn’t just seem simple. It is simple. Life is simple. That is the beauty of it. Narratives define the relevance of antagonistic complexity and the centrality of that which is beautifully simple to us, that which in our universe has become tame to us. There is that which gives us each the kind of strength we need or wish for, and there is that in the world and our world we would do with that capacity if we could. Life is that simple, thankfully.

Between all human beings on the planet. “Being the change you wish to see in the world”– microcosm and macrocosm should model one another for humanity’s definition to not be devalued. Art is creating a narrative that is infinitely local and profoundly global. The import from good micro and export to all macros is the business of being human.

Invest in and become emotionally involved in the narratives that can pay you dividends. Have a narrative for every discipline you care about, every person that you care about, every part of your body, every part of yourself, every idea you bring into this world, imagine the world as it would be without your presence, then imagine if you had infinite love and finite time. Identify an infinite variety of possible quests that relate to the narrative of each, define your diversification strategy so that you seek returns of the right forms of meaning for who you are and who you wish to become, and review the top pages of that list prioritized by feasibility and your own constraints. Redesign iteratively until the parts of yourself symphonically agree that having a specific implication in your world would be an act of art worthy of the identity you would wish to gift yourself. Always be complicit in the feasibility of utopia’s accessibility for the citizens of the world and in particular for those you care about. Know the degree you care about them. Have the right exchange rate within the gift economy of the universe and the people in your life- not transactionally but relationally- so that you can honor all with the economic balance of justice and truth in trade in life.

Leave everything you care about better off to the degree to which it is in your life as a matter of art, the grace of only being traceable by our love and not by the degree to which we are a burden to our world. Be visible only in the love we create in our world so that when we look in the mirror if we see what the world sees then all we will see is love. Speak our truth in all the languages we know so that the parts of our soul that don’t understand English are nonetheless supportive of our life. Learn more languages for truth telling. Learn more truth to tell.

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