Facing fierce competition, Facebook is working nonstop to gain users, add features, monetize more effectively, and embed its platform anywhere and everywhere.

The “Future of Facebook: Technology” is the fifth video in a six part series exploring the implications of social networking technologies on our lives.

Using the Open Foresight model, we’ve generated forecasts by combining expert opinion with insights from the public. All content is licensed under Creative Commons, making it free to remix and reuse, with attribution.

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Featuring (in order of appearance):

David Kirkpatrick – author, The Facebook Effect
Alex Howard – Govt 2.0 Correspondent, O’Reilly Media
Chris Arkenberg – Innovation Strategist
Kevin Kelly – author, What Technology Wants
Nova Spivack – founder, Lucid Ventures
Jamais Cascio – Research Fellow, Institute for the Future
Stowe Boyd – Web Anthropologist
Valdis Krebs – Social Network Consultant/Researcher

Produced by Alvis BrigisVenessa MiemisSean Park, Shane Valcich and Innotribe.