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I was over on Seb Paquet’s Emergent Cities blog this morning, and rereading his inaugural post from about a year ago – What are Emergent Cities? He makes the claim that “we’re about to see the emergence of a new way of conducting innovation that operates quasi-independently of the current money system,” and that the chief requirements to make this happen are things like “time, imagination, knowledge, initiative and trust, with money moving from primary to secondary concern.”

The whole post is worth reading, as I think he really nailed many of the elements that need to be in place for a new economy to emerge, namely the “social DNA” piece. (where ‘social DNA’ forms the foundation for culture)

The barriers to the “new economy” aren’t so much technology hurdles, they’re mental, emotional, and behavioral ones. (highly shaped and constructed via LANGUAGE. more on this in upcoming posts.)

We discussed the concept of “culture technology” a few weeks ago, and this is exactly it.

If we want to level up our civilization and be capable of exchanging value without a pure reliance on money, there has to be some other non-monetary infrastructure that creates the vessels and channels for exchange.

Like trust, for example.

Here’s the comment I left on his blog this morning:


you were a bit ahead of your time with this post, eh?

we are just now beginning to gel and form into some type of connected node with a shared values base, but i have found that the requirements are much steeper than imagined.

you mention time, initiative and trust as key elements….


and we’ve found that it’s much easier to talk about trusting than to trust. at least i’ve found. and it’s easier to talk about getting something off the ground than to actually do it.

i’ve learned so much about myself and others these past few months as i’ve actively been cultivating relationships and engaging in small experiments working with others on a short-term basis. a book i’m reading now that i highly recommend to anyone who is interested in building an emergent city is Tribal Leadership. it’s all about how to evolve culture – starting with your own personal evolution and then radiating outward into your tribe.

one of the big insights for me right now is that in a high-functioning learning team/tribe/node/emergent city, trust is the DEFAULT.

meaning, it’s not about earning trust before you begin. you trust. you assume good will, unite around a shared vision, and start the expedition to new lands.

this has been extremely difficult for me to do. i WANT to. but i don’t just trust people, and even for the ones i do, something in the back of my head is staying alert and waiting for that shoe to drop, fearful of being let down, disappointed, or abandoned.

i wonder how many of us are on this cusp…. so ready to evolve into the next stage so we can really begin together, but are holding ourselves back, trapped in old patterns, limiting beliefs, unhelpful narratives.

i know we’re getting there, and that is exciting.

it’s also healthy for us to be aware that if we want to build a new culture, a new society, a new kind of life for ourselves — it is very much an inside job first.


So trust is a leap of faith. I don’t think I know how to actually do it.