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A few days ago I posted about CultureCon (Philly 9/12 and Boston 9/14), an upcoming event hosted by Agile Boston that’s focused on culture analysis, design and implementation in the workplace. The objective of the conference is to “bring to more popular awareness how culture is the gating factor in satisfaction, productivity and learning at work.”

The premise is that agile and self-management principles are essentially a culture hack – meaning that if a group of people decide they’re willing to align around a set of values, principles, practices and processes, they can upgrade themselves to a high-functioning learning organization that continually adapts and upgrades itself. Next I could say some kind of sentence about how “in today’s fast-paced world, we can’t afford NOT to” …. etc etc. You get it.

I’m personally really eager to level up in this domain, and plan to attend both the Philadelphia and Boston open space unconferences.

If enough friends and enthusiasts in our global tribe join in, we can rent a party bus that connects us from location to location! How fun! I’ve never done that before, and the excitement I get from imagining a roadtrip filled with discussions about culture hacking and social evolution just shows what a nerd I am. 😉

Anyway —

The Call for Speakers page has just gone up.

Some sample topics of what they’re looking for include:

  • Tools for Cultural Analysis at Work
  • Culture at Work
  • Scrum as a Culture Hack
  • Engagement: How to Get It, How to Use it
  • Introducing Sociocracy
  • Freedom at Work
  • The Agile Manifesto as a Cultural Design
  • Living Great using Core Protocols
  • Kanban as a Culture Hack
  • Introducing Self-Management
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Making and Keeping Agreements

Submission deadlines are June 30 2012.


1. Specify your preference for session benue: Philly, Boston or BOTH (Both is preferred)
2. Provide the abstract(s), in under 175 words.
3. Provide the bio, in under 150 words.
4. Deliver both in a single document saved in WORD97 format.
5. Include a link to your picture or paste the image into the WORD97 .DOC file.
6. Send it by email with the following subject line: [ACC Speaker]: Session submission
7. Email: Send to dan [at] newtechusa.net not later than June 30

For more details, check out the Call for Speakers page.

To register for the event, click here, and enter discount code CULTUREHACKING to get $10 bucks off.

See you there!