How long will Facebook be around? Is Facebook prepared to defend against clever new startups? Can Facebook successfully transition to mobile? How will Facebook cope with Augmented Reality?

Open Foresight and The Future of Facebook team are pleased to announce the completion of the Future of Facebook interview and video series featuring the likes of David Kirkpatrick (author The Facebook Effect), Kevin Kelly (author What Technology Wants, co-founder Wired), and science journalist Rita J King. The Kickstarter- and patron-funded project, launched in early 2011, has generated a volume of open source Future of Facebook content including 6 Expert Focus Videos, 150 Vision Clips and hundreds of user-generated predictions on Quora. All the material has been made available to academics, students, businesses and other organizations via the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license.

“We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Future of Facebook video series and clip library for public reuse,” says Future of Facebook producer Venessa Miemis, “We hope a wide variety of individuals and organizations will be able to put these synthesized visions of Facebook’s future to good use.”

The goal of Open Foresight projects, which anyone can start, is to systematically tap experts and the public for insights about the future of a given field and then package that info into easily digestible, visually rich videos that can further public discourse. The Future of Facebook marks the successful completion of Open Foresight’s pilot project.

“The Open Foresight process is an efficient way to crowd-source the future of any given topic,” points out Future of Facebook producer Alvis Brigis, “It can help bring clarity as the socio-economic environment continues to become more complex.”

The team is aware of one subsequent Open Foresight project and hopes that many others will soon follow.

“Moving forward, we can see that a combination of more entertaining videos, richer animations, the mainstreaming of crowdfunding as a project model and increased participation by corporate sponsors looking to do more good are likely to increase the usefulness and sheer number of Open Foresight projects,” argues Alvis Brigis, “It’ll be interesting to watch the economics for Open Foresight continue to develop.”

The project would never would have been possible without the support of 100+ Kickstarter supporters, corporate patron Innotribe, donated transcription services (Averbach Transcription), 30+ technology experts and a killer core crew of producers (Sean Park), video editors (Shane Valcich), artists (Erica Glasier, Gavin Keech) and web designers (Mark Plattner).

Full videos and clips available at futureoffacebook.com and http://www.youtube.com/FutureOfFacebook.

Thanks to Craig Murray for the nifty infographic below!