Last week we posted an Intro to the Emerging Leader Labs, an initiative in upstate New York to demonstrate that worldchanging projects can get incubated and launched while being supported by a gift economy instead of typical startup capital.

This week, a video has been prepared by Ben Brownell, one of the participants in the current seed project of the Labs, giving a taste of what the experience has been about for him.

It’s quite inspiring!

Ben’s intention is to support the launch of the ELL (and similar eco-social venture projects) through media production and storytelling. The hope is to attract the resources needed, via sponsorship or gifting, so that he can continue developing his projects.

Current projects include:

Common Storyworks: “Leverage web video storytelling to garner support for early-stage social ventures in the conversion of their documented “common good” achievements into tangible assets and diverse liquid capital for the global transition expedition.”

BrowsEarth: “an open web protocol for aggregating, rating and navigating multimedia content from the Great Transition”

His current requests include:

– digital equipment
– artist’s residency
– food & fuel stipend
– aligned contract work
– patronage gift flow

Offers include:

– media design
– crowdfunding campaign mgmt
– physical site design and build
– community / project organizing and development
– innovation, strategy, coherence consulting

He’s interested in getting involved with projects at the ground level that are focused on sustainable and regenerative living models, like ecovillage design and permaculture. For examples, check out One Community Ranch, AppleSeed Permaculture, Avalon Springs, and Neshobe Farm.

If you’d like to get in contact with Ben, he can be reached at commonstoryworks [at] gmail [dot] com, on twitter @v17us, updates on g+, and you can watch the Vermont video series and VEDA Collective projects he created while working at Neshobe Farm earlier this year.

Stay tuned for a final update about the Emerging Leader Labs seed project coming in the next few weeks!