The 6-week seed project for the Emerging Leader Labs has now come to a close.

Above is the final video in a series produced by participant Ben Brownell, providing a glimpse into the happenings on Open House day, where the local community in Chatham was invited to ELL to find out what the initiative is all about and to meet the makers.

It’s been fun for me to bring a bit of attention to this worthy initiative during its early stages, and to have had the chance to spend time with the source team and participants who worked hard to get this vision grounded into reality. I’ll be moving on now to some exciting new projects for the fall, but will keep an eye out for what happens next at the ELL!

Below are a few links to the participant projects, in case you’d like to follow their development.

Gameshifting – Kyle Sykes

Culture Craft – Connor Turland

theMAKE – Pritha RaySircar

Beauty Mirror – Rubén Alvarado

COMMON StoryWorks – Benjamin Brownell

Reality Sandwich blog – Emory Mort

check out previous videos in the series:

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