With only a week until the Culture Conference in Boston, I want to offer up two free tickets to those with inspiring stories about how they are shifting the dynamics of their workplace.

The theme for CultureCon this year is “Freedom at Work.”

It’s based on the notion that we are transitioning into a world of work that values autonomy, flexibility, agility, creativity, and collaborative play.

At the event, we’ll be learning various concepts, tools and techniques (read: culture hacks) that are designed to upgrade company culture into an environment that nurtures happiness and well-being, raises engagement, generates innovation, and develops more productivity and freedom at work.

If you’ve been busy hacking the culture of your organization and want to share your results, submit your story to emergentbydesign at gmail dot com.

We’ll pick the winners by this Friday, September 7, get you a complimentary ticket to the Boston event, and post your story here on EBD next week.

Looking forward to hearing how the changemakers on the ground are liberating the workplace!

For more information about the speakers and format of the event, click here.

If you can’t make it to the Boston event Sept 14, consider coming to the one in Philadelphia on Sept 12!