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I’ve been curious lately about what leadership means… or about what people think leadership means these days. Specifically in terms of the new world of work, of self-organizing systems, of self-interested autonomous agents collaborating towards common goals.

What are the traits and characteristics of authentic leaders? How does their behavior influence/inspire others?

I sent out a tweet yesterday to see what you had to say on the topic. Thanks to all who responded!

@arfisk – It depends on circumstances. Look up ‘Situational Leadership’.

@leashless – Leadership is sitting on the irritating weasels that make cooperation impossible. Competitveness suppression in groups, too.

@md_wallace – seting an example, trusting intuition for dir, self-faith to lead ppl thru adaptive challenges despite reactive behaviour.

@GuidoStevens – Leadership is unlocking the path to a better future.

@schuschny – let ordinary people makes extraordinary things

@harlantwood – leadership is creating the topology of gravity wells for others to dance in and express their particular gifts and genius.

@agent139 – only accomplished well by example

@michmccarthy – ldrshp is a commitment to increasing personal/team effectiveness, going first, and asking for help to lead new ideas/results.

@tharkibo – the part of the organism/superorganism that reacts first

@kimberleydaly – Leadership is knowing how to put those around in places tht encourage growth for org and them. Listening to others w/o ego.

@giyom – leadership = the gravitational effect of a group’s embodied intentions & potential. Incr.ly emergent, transient & collective.

@foundy17 – to quote Napoleon, ‘A leader is a dealer in hope’. One assumes the hope relates to us ‘plebs’ managing to pull it off!

@sauceruney – respecting those you’re tasked with leading, knowing their strengths & weaknesses as well as your own, and pushing past them

@SMByersOlympia – a leader convenes people talk about what they would really rather not talk about…adaptive challenges.

@v17us – feeling: open stewardship + response-ability + fortitude + generosity >> Un-defining Leadership

@dgriffinxl – Leadership is: First into battle, last in retreat.

@moralibertarian – The nature of almost all men is such that 1ce given a little authority they immediately begin exercising unrighteous dominion
– Hence many are called, but few are chosen.
– 41 No power or influence can/ought 2 b maintained, only by persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned…
– By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile
– Reproving betimes with sharpness; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom you have reproved

@davemacboston – Leadership is the marriage of conviction and humility.

@hjarcheLeadership is an emergent property of a balanced network

@marcopolis – Leaders are everywhere. The Reluctant Leader: Pushpmit Bhatia

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