Yesterday I sent out a tweet: “how do you see the world? as a battlefield, or as a playground? something else?” and I received the largest response to any tweet I’ve made ever.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that there are a lot of manifestos circulating. I made one myself the other day (a Life Manifesto), saw Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has a beta of his new book posted, focus: a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction, Umair Haque of the Harvard Business Review just wrote up The Betterness Manifesto, and even a we are human manifesto. (p.s. these are all worth a read!)

What this means to me is that people are growing restless with what’s being presented to us from “out there,” and inside we are taking ownership of our lives and our minds and saying “No.” We are looking inside of ourselves and asking what we really think we are, who we are, what our fundamental values are, and how we can start living honestly and authentically. I personally feel that every action or behavior we take that is out of alignment with what we really believe in crushes our soul a bit. And if you look around, there are a lot of downtrodden people. And people are getting fed up and ready to wake up.

I’m pasting below all the great responses to my tweet, and I welcome any of those people to expand on what they meant by their response here in the comments section, and if anyone else wants to share their views, we’d all love to hear them. The metaphors that people have in their minds that represent their construction of reality are all interesting to me, and valid. I think that as we move forward as a global society, being comfortable expressing these views will be important. Perhaps we will begin breaking the chains of bondage to old dogmas and paradigms that simply don’t serve us anymore, and instead embrace the idea that each of us sees the world in their own way, and that each way is true for them. There is no need to force your views on others – people already have an inner truth that is just waiting to be rediscovered.

The Life Manifesto I wrote the other day was actually my final assignment for a course I was taking on Interactive Media Studies with Douglas Rushkoff. Instead of a final, he asked us to define, in one paragraph, our life manifesto. To lay out what we think is really going on with the web and why it’s important (or unimportant) to humanity. It was harder to do than you’d think.

So I challenge you to write your Life Manifesto and post it in the comments if you like. Ask yourself who you are and what you really fundamentally believe. You might be surprised what you come up with.


@frankspencer Your cosmology affects everything else you think and do.

@fransgaard I see the world as a high-resolution version of the Internet. 🙂

@marciamarcia As a learning lab.

@macengr I see it as a chess board. It takes strategy and thinking a couple of moves ahead to navigate through it.

@digitalforgood A garden. Planting seeds. Discovery and insight in gardening. Nurturing. Create strong roots that will handle the storms

@alecperkins @VenessaMiemis a stage?

@Quinnovator as an adventure

@janwebb21 RT @Quinnovator: as an adventure

@tweetprobe world view : complex patterns deadlocked by ‘time

@wordpost For the sake of conversation: Do we need a higher-order abstraction (i.e. metaphor) to describe our perception of the world?

@cole_tucker as a bubble bath

@mason_mem meh. somebody said love = a battlefield. the world is how a (wo)man thinks it is. when U find him/her (s)he connects the dots

@ConnectIrmeli as a chain of prayers

@mjayliebs “Viewed” leaves 4 senses out of the loop – I prefer to experience it – just my $.02

@jazzmann91 the world is a planet. that planet is a spaceship in time. looping, always looping

@alecperkins it’s all about choosing the part you want to play, and to whom. soldier or friend.

@tweetprobe @VenessaMiemis : each is true? : No. Deadlock of systems is one system/process overriding all others, looping unto itself repeating history

@jjaime @VenessaMiemis @wordpost a metaphor could help but we need to make the stament clear for all. And contexts can change interpretation.

@AnalPoet #Differences in #Development(nomads -> peasants -> citizens)

@mgua As a place we definitely need to make better. That is our mission. We cannot fail.

@scootergomoo unsupervised play pen, where infantile dynamics, primitive instincts, selfish tendencies rule

@wordpost @jjaime @VenessaMiemis My question: does a collective commitment to one metaphor guide our action? Is language that powerful?

@miniver As a swamp: http://bit.ly/amZxmS

@tdebaillon The world is a playground populated by people, most of which think it is a battlefield.

@SteveKoss The world @VenessaMiemis the row, yaw, pitch of maneuvering a spacecraft in & out of an eclipse, to arrive into a new orbital plane.

@jeffarch As a garden. It just needs to be weeded every now and then.

@jeffarch of course one person’s weed is another’s [fill in the blank]

@mason_mem @VenessaMiemis @wordpost: @jjaimeLanguage as powerful: metaphor & actions change. Goal becomes less great, more mundane, profane.

@AnalPoet @VenessaMiemis #BattleField The world is becoming a #Noosphere http://ht.ly/1Oi8T and http://ht.ly/1Oia0 #HunterGatherers #TradeInTrust

@wordpost @mason_mem @VenessaMiemis @jjaime And what about when metaphor is leveraged, abused? e.g. the “Patriot” Act

@leashless if you’re rich or secure world’s a playground. If you’re poor / insecure it’s a battleground. People have kids, grow teeth.

@WeCallKarma Interesting that so many people see the world as a container or a vessel rather than a process. A noun instead of a verb.

@mason_mem @wordpost @VenessaMiemis @jjaime Then a pox on all our houses.

@mason_mem @VenessaMiemis @wordpost @jjaime We deleverage with love, even if they have hollowed out our speech.

@chris23 @VenessaMiemis @WeCallKarma Static view is symptomatic of an old logic set. We’re now moving into non-linearity, flow, & interdependency.

@ironick Herbert Simon said it’s because we think of our goals as states (things) and how to get there as steps (processes)

@CoCreatr I see the world as greeting, interview, survey, marketplace, garden, park, city, planet, and things left untold.

@DavidHolzmer A canvas for sure!

@jeff_dickey Civilians have no idea how to properly abuse acronyms, jargon or other elements of mass distraction. But ye try. 🙂

@jeff_dickey The battleground is betgween those appealing to people’s better nature, and those celebrating fruits of their baser nature.


What is your life manifesto? What matters? How do you see the world?