For far too long, we have been asleep — silently accepting the reality presented to us.

In this illusion, we are powerless. Conformity and convention have manipulated us into feeling alienated, afraid, and full of despair. Our souls are in agony to connect, be understood, share our inner light, and express our creativity in a beautiful world gone mad. Some have given up hope, and sadly live in darkness.

But, there is a shift underway, and though it is often so hard to see, many of us are starting to wake up. It is already happening all around us, in our cities, in our workplaces, in our homes, around the world.

We are empowering ourselves.

We thought — if we could only make this shift more transparent, perhaps we could accelerate its rate.

And so, in one of humanity’s greatest displays of ingenuity, we have created the Web.

It is not a destination.

It is an interface between minds that transcends space and time.

It is not a solution in and of itself, nor a savior.

It is an opportunity and a tool to find our tribes and ourselves.

It is an environment and an ecology where communities can emerge and unite.

It is a training ground in which to experiment with what might happen if we learn to open our hearts, to trust, to share, to be authentic, to engage in discovery, embrace uncertainty, and allow ourselves and each other to grow.

The Web will not save us.

It can only show us that we already have everything we need in order to heal, and it’s not located out there.

It’s in here.

It always has been.

The solution is us.

We can only save ourselves.

– venessa miemis 05.13.10