(documenting creative entrepreneurship retreat. day 1 here.)

Day 2 is coming to a close, and it’s surprisingly been a day characterized by feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. Yesterday felt like creative playtime… but now I’m feeling like I need to get down to business and “do” something. Even though what I’m doing is the thing I’m supposed to be doing. Guh.

Comments are being kept brief from sheer mental exhaustion, but the work is all documented here via imagery.

We began constructing our own creative entrepreneur mandala’s today, adding images to each of the arms. So far have filled out “heart & meaning” and “gifts & flow.” (I tried using pastels and bright colors, which I hate, and am already feeling resentful of the whole thing. May paint over it tomorrow.)

Next we worked on our “Gifts & Flow” pages. Some prompts for the imagery pages were simply to pick things that reminded us how we felt when we were “in flow,” or immersed in our work or passion.

On a parallel track, we started asking ourselves what our unique gifts are. Some prompts for the exercise were “What do I do so well that I barely have to exert effort?”, “What do people compliment you on accomplishing that seems so easy to you?”, “What do you get absorbed in for hours?” We jotted down some ideas, then came at it from the other side – “What are your wounds?” This was a bit more intimate of a challenge, but the idea was that our wounds were instrumental in the development of our strengths and gifts. So we identified our wounds, and then connected them to their manifestations as strengths. After a few iterations, I formatted my notes into a list of gifts I feel I am developing and would like to continue to shape.

As we went through the process, it was noted how we all tended to make judgments and criticisms about ourselves in our casual conversations, most of the time without even being aware of it. So we made a page about that too. That voice in the head that always has to spoil the party.

And finally we have our “takeaway pages.” Every day we do our top ten takeaways/a-ha moments/insights of the day. I forgot to post yesterday’s, so here it is:

And today’s:

And the easiest part of the day : Dinner. Another amazing taco stand.

And that was day 2! Heavier things to come, I’m sure. I’d love to write more reflectively, but I don’t think that will be possible until the week is over. Just too much information being downloaded! See you tomorrow…