(documenting creative entrepreneurship retreat. so far: day 1, day 2, day 3)

Day 4 was great. (well, they’ve all been great). But there is definitely a lot going on subconsciously during this whole process, and it’s been amazing to see what ends up on the journal pages while we think we’re just playing. Been having some good ‘a ha’ moments.

We started off cutting out phrases from magazines and assembling them into advertisements, to get creative juices flowing. Not sure where my mind was…. (ha.)

Then we ventured into ‘Opportunity Exploration.’ Looking back at all the pages we’d done so far, and identifying the intersections between ‘heart & meaning’ and ‘gifts & flow,’ we were prompted to just allow ourselves to write down ideas of what we could do to manifest these passions. No pressure to pursue what we write, no fear about putting down ‘crazy ideas’….. just write and see what emerges.

The next step was to just pick one of these ideas as an exercise, and develop a “Customer Persona” profile. Who would buy your product/service? What are they like? Demographic/Psychographic? I’ve always wanted to write a book, so that is what I had in mind for these pages:

This was a super invigorating process! The last thing for the day was to refine our “Opportunity Statement,” which for me is to describe the content of what will become a book proposal. Working on it…..