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i spent a lot of time last year reading and researching, exploring and finding inspiration. here are the books that kept me occupied.


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i can’t praise julia cameron’s book enough. my muse had completely left me, and by committing to her 12-week journey in creative recovery, i was able to get reconnected to my source and start writing and drawing again.


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Philosophy / Psychology / Self-Help

these books were useful to me as i dealt with my divorce, my grandmother’s death, moving across the country, and starting a new career path, all of which happened at about the same time


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Philosophy / Consciousness / Ethnobotany

part of this list was material from a transformation / creative evolution course i participated in during all of 2014, the rest were my own explorations into consciousness expansion tools.


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Fashion / Style

some fun books on personal style


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Health / Nutrition

only scratched the surface in this domain so far, but beginning to take more initiative in rebuilding my immune system and digestive support, and whatever else is causing fatigue and anxiety


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Fiction / Graphic Novel

it wasn’t all serious. i got introduced to the world of comics and graphic novels, which has been inspiring my own storytelling ideas. and for anyone curious about how an alternative currency and economy could work, check out daemon and freedom.